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Tours of the Kaliningrad region: the cost price

Do you want to take a tour of Kaliningrad? We have every - choose! Villa "Severin" offers:

  • Excursions in Kaliningrad.
  • Excursions in the Kaliningrad region and.

Do not like to walk around the city in the company of strangers? Especially for you we are pleased to make an individual tour of Kaliningrad. You can visit not only recognized attractions

  • You will feel the spirit of the city;
  • feel his identity;
  • get acquainted with the most comfortable and mysterious place of the old Kenisberga.

We are working not only with locals and visitors alike. Staff at Villa "Severin" organized by:

  • excursions in Kaliningrad and Moscow;
  • trips from St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad.

We satisfy all the desires of our customers. You come on a business trip? Dreaming alone with a favorite? Accidentally hit the Kaliningrad? City Tours diversify your daily routine!

The schedule group tours

Day of the week



Price, Rub.


The fortified town

Inspection fortifications of the city: the tower of Don, a bastion Oberteich, Kronprinz barracks, a bastion Grolman.

Visit Fort №5 King Friedrich Wilhelm III and Bunker Lyasha, memorial "1,200 guardsmen," walk in the park of the Victory.

11: 00-15: 00

Vzr.60 0

Reb. 550

+ vh.bilety



The most western city of Russia

Baltiysk: You will learn the history of the emergence of the Baltic Fleet of the founding of his Peter the Great, who at the pier a monument. See the Swedish fortress and the famous lighthouse , a monument Empress Elizabeth.

10: 00-15: 00

Vzr.75 0

Reb.70 0


Amber Coast

pos.Yantarny: visit the world's only quarry Amber Museum Amber Castle, exhibition and sale of products from amber, Amber pyramid amazing!

Svetlogorsk: you walk along the cozy streets of the former Rauschen that store memories of the centennial history of the resort.


Vzr.85 0

Reb.80 0

+ vh.bilety



Excursion to the Curonian Spit NP

Height Efa and Dancing forest, sand dunes, a visit to the museum complex, the ability to buy smoked fish, fresh fish dinner for dopplatu (400rub / person)

10.00 - 17.00

Adult. 1000

Reb. 900

+ vhbilet

Museum 50/30



A bus tour of the city. Cathedral Museum, Virtual walk to Konigsberg in Museum "Friedland gates." W and dopplatu Organ Concerto (250 rubles / person).


Vzr.70 0

Reb.65 0

+ vh.bilety


Ship Sunday

Visit the Museum of the World Ocean: the ship-museum "Vityaz", the submarine afloat "B-413" marine aquariums, collections of shells

16: 00-18: 30

Vzr.70 0